C-Skins rash vests

Rash Vests

Rash vests, sometimes referred to as the rash guards or rashies, has many uses within the water sports industry;

– Preventing rashes or wetsuit rubs
– Extra warmth properties
– Sun protection
– Group & safety identification purposes

Preventing Rashes and Rubs

In tropical waters a rash vest is worn with board shorts or a bikini to prevent chaffing and rubs from your surfboard or bodyboard. T-shirts are often worn for this purpose, however do not offer the same benefits in fitting and sun protection. If you are looking for a rash vest to wear on holiday, always opt for a tighter fit because once wet them will loosen slightly.

Extra Warmth

We know from previous Bodyline Wetsuit blog posts that wetsuits offer heating properties by trapping a layer of water between the neoprene of the suit and the skin. Rash vests absorb water and provide an extra layer between the wetsuit and the skin, which further benefits heat retention. Leading wetsuit brands have taken this one step purpose and produced thin neoprene rash vest with reflective linings, allowing surfers to stay warm without increasing the thickness of their wetsuit significantly..

As a side note, if you are wearing a rash vest under a wetsuit in colder climates, do not expose the rash vest to the elements. Cold wind will quickly penetrate the damp rash vest and have a negative effect on body temperature.

Sun Protection

Being in the water all day puts the surfer at risk of severe sun damage. Even the strongest and most waterproof sun cream will be insufficient to protect a surfers’ skin from harmful UV rays. Most rash vests are made of 50+ SPF UV protective lycra material that blocks harmful rays from the sun.

For this reason, rash vest are also great for children when playing down the beach and leading brands such as C-Skins offer full body sunsuits constructed for UV protective material.

Group & Safety

Surf schools and clubs use rash vests to easily identify members for safety reasons. Similarly contest vests allow judges and spectators to identify contestants easily, especially from a long distance.

surf school rash vests

Custom made Rash Vests 

At Bodyline Wetsuits we manufacture high quality custom made Lycra rash vests. Suitable for all water sports, our 50+ SPF UV protection rash vests can be made to your exact requirements.

Available in a wide range of colours, styles and designs, Bodyline Wetsuits manufacture long and short sleeve vests for surf schools, charities and clubs, corporate events and individuals. We can also print your company or club logos on the rash vest if required.

Please contact Bodyline Wetsuits Repairs for more information, we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

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