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Wetsuit Zip Care

Wetsuit Zip Care Chest zip or back zip? Follow our wetsuit zip care tips to extend the life and performance of your wetsuit. Washing your wetsuit out does not just extend the life of your rubber, it also benefits your wetsuit zip. Over time salt builds up on the zip teeth and in the zip […]

How To Put On A Zip Free Wetsuit

How to put on a zip free wetsuit starring Samuel Pupo has been made to help you find the best way to get in and out of your new Zip Free suit. Zip Free wetsuits are the ultimate in performance. Once you go zipper-less, you’ll never look back! At Bodyline Wetsuits we are huge fans of […]


XCEL WETSUITS WARRANTY XCEL WETSUITS HAVE THE BEST WARRANTY AND REPAIR SERVICE IN THE INDUSTRY.  12 month warranty on all materials, stitching and constructions  12 month warranty tape throughout  3 month warranty on accessories THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER THE FOLLOWING Damage caused by anything other than defects in materials or workmanship. Use in commercial, rental, […]

Patagonia Worn Wear – Cornwall

Patagonia Worn Wear UK Tour – Down The Line, Hayle 30th April & 1st May 2016 Worn Wear Tour Comes To Cornwall Head to Hayle, Cornwall and let the Worn Wear team fix your well-loved outdoor gear (including for the first time, wetsuits!). Bodyline Wetsuits will be at Down the Line Surf Shop in Hayle, […]

Wetsuit Warranty

Wetsuit Warranty Using Your Wetsuit Warranty Any decent surf shop will explain the wetsuit warranty that supports the suit you are about to buy. As well as helpful information on how to look after your new purchase, so that it lasts as long as possible. Sadly sh@t happens – stitching pulls loose, zip sliders break, […]

Hanging Up A Wetsuit

Hanging Up A Wetsuit As wetsuit technology advances, material are increasing in stretch and flexibility. While this is great for your surfing, it does mean that wetsuits might not last as long (those stiff cardboard like wetsuits from the 80’s lasted so long for a reason!), especially if you do not look after your wetsuit properly. […]

DIY Triathlon Wetsuit Repair Using Black Witch Glue

Photo credit: Triradar DIY Triathlon Wetsuit Repair Using Black Witch Glue Transition one is all about getting out of your triathlon wetsuit as quickly as possible. And it doesn’t take much to put a finger nick or tear into the fragile single lined neoprene of your wetsuit.             Using Black Witch […]

Sustainable Surfing – Repair Your Wetsuit

Sustainable Surfing – Repair Your Wetsuit Power (2010) argues that although the act of riding a wave is environmentally friendly, the surfing industry and the lifestyle associated with surfing are unsustainable at present. And while steps are being taken to reduce the impact of surfing products, one of the major obstacle to this goal is the dependence on petrol […]


RIP CURL WETSUITS WARRANTY PLEASE NOTE: All Rip Curl Wetsuit Warranty claims must now go through the retailer you purchased the wetsuit from. Bodyline Wetsuits CANNOT deal with Rip Curl Warranty issues directly. Under consumer law this is the responsibility of the retailer. For more information on the Rip Curl’s Wetsuit Warranty Procedure click the […]

Using Black Witch Neoprene Glue For Wetsuit Repairs

Using Black Witch neoprene glue Using Black Witch neoprene glue for minor wetsuit repairs is a great D.I.Y or emergency solution for any little cuts or nicks you may get in your wetsuit. Important note: D.I.Y wetsuit repairs can often void any warranty that covers your wetsuit. We recommend contacting the surf shop or wetsuit brand […]

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