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Funky Smelling Wetsuit? Do This to Remove The Smell

Bad Smelling Wetsuit? Watch This! Whether you regularly take a p@ss in your wetsuit or not, sooner or later your wetty is going to develop a slight funky whiff. Ideally you should be following our simple wetsuit care tips after every surf session, to remove harmful body oils, urine, odours and salt water. If you need to […]

Winter Surfing Top Tips

Winter Surfing – Coldwater Survival Winter surfing really separates the men from the boys! With a little bit of prep and forward planning, Coldwater surfing can be just as enjoyable as any other time of year. Follow our simple tips below and get your Coldwater froth on! – Get the right kit It might seem […]

Bodyline Wetsuits – Our Story

Bodyline Wetsuits – Every company has a story to tell, here is ours. Land Locked As a British surfer, the West Midlands is pretty much one of the worst places to be based. Originally from Birmingham, Bodyline Wetsuits founder Paul Chambers grew up in the late 1970s surfing the cold waters off North Wales and […]

Winter Wetsuits: Everything You Need To Know

Winter Wetsuits By Bodyline Wetsuit Repairs With winter fast approaching, now’s the time to start thinking about  winter wetsuits. Here is Bodyline Wetsuit Repairs full run down on winter suits. Introduction – How Wetsuits Work A neoprene wetsuit works by trapping a thin layer of water between your body and the wetsuit. Warmed by your […]

Bespoke Rash Vests by Bodyline Wetsuits

Bespoke Rash Vests by Bodyline Wetsuits Bodyline Wetsuits manufacture a wide range of bespoke rash vests (or rashies) for clubs, businesses, corporate events and promotional purposes. Our bespoke rash vests are designed and made in Cornwall, UK and available in a wide range of colours, styles and sizes, including; – Long or short sleeve – […]

Bodyline Wetsuits UK – Business Services

Business Services by Bodyline Wetsuits UK If you’re a business, working with Bodyline Wetsuits UK could not be easier! With over 25 years of experience, Paul and the team at Bodyline Wetsuits UK have built up a strong reputation. Our high quality of workmanship, quick and efficient service is renowned within the water sports industry. […]

Wetsuit MOT – Show Your Wetsuit Some Love!

Bodyline Wetsuit Repairs launches the Wetsuit MOT It’s been there with you through the good times and bad. It’s held you close and kept you warm for hours on end. And how do you repay your beloved wetsuit? You may occasionally p@ss in it and routinely screw it up and chuck in the boot of […]

Wetsuit Alterations

Wetsuit Alterations We touched upon how important a correctly fitting wetsuit is when buying a new wetsuit. If you brought the right wetsuit but your body has now changed, maybe you gained or lost weight, don’t worry you don’t need to go and buy a completely new wetsuit again. Modern wetsuit technology means that wetsuits […]

Rash Vests

Rash Vests Rash vests, sometimes referred to as the rash guards or rashies, has many uses within the water sports industry; – Preventing rashes or wetsuit rubs – Extra warmth properties – Sun protection – Group & safety identification purposes Preventing Rashes and Rubs In tropical waters a rash vest is worn with board shorts […]

Wetsuit Evolution – From Where It All Began

Wetsuit Evolution – A Brief History of the Wetsuit At the birth of surfing there wasn’t any need for a wetsuit. The Polynesian ocean and climate didn’t require anything to maintain or improve body warmth. Heat preservation and the evolution of wetsuits only became a requirement as the sport grew and spread across the globe […]

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