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Technology’s a pretty rad thing. It’s what guarantees Billabong making a better product every single year. Why? Because tech just keeps progressing and we like to ride tech’s wave into every season so you can surf more. And longer. And better. But sometimes technology can be a little confusing. And knowing which Billabong wetsuit is best for you shouldn’t have to be. Because really…what’s the diff between a Furnace Carbon and Furnace Carbon Comp? Or a Revolution wetsuit? Let us break it down for ya…

1. Furnace

The Furnace Carbon wetsuit is Billabong’s premium cold-water wettie, designed specifically for warmth and comfort. That means we use the most advanced materials and construction—plus, the exclusive new “Drymax” entry system—so you’ve got superior warmth on lock.

Why This Wetsuit Kills It: Built and tested by surfers for surfers, you can count on the Furnace Carbon to keep you warm and toasty in the coldest conditions. Hence the name “Furnace.” It’s also comfy as hell because of that stitchless construction and pre-bent knees and such.

Where To Use It: Central and Northern California winters, the Pacific Northwest (year-round), Mid-Atlantic winters and Northeast coasts every season but summer.

Why You Need It: Because of the Furnace Carbon lining, which are literally carbon threads maximizing warmth and minimizing weight. Also, because of the stitchless construction, this fullsuit is virtually watertight and won’t leave you chafed after a marathon session..

2. Furnace Carbon Comp

The Furnace Carbon Comp wetsuit is the combination of our Drymax chest zip entry with the lightweight, engineered stretch of the Revolution wetsuits. The internal thermal lining is going to keep you super toasty and the engineered seam placement will maximize your flexibility out in the water.

Why This Wetsuit Kills It: Performance. Basically, the Furnace Carbon Comp blends the best of flexibility and warmth into one hot package so you can shred unhindered in coldwater conditions.

Where To Use It: Southern California winters (that includes Baja strike missions!), Southeast (Florida) and Mid-Atlantic winters….basically anywhere (including the zones mentioned for the Furnace) where not only warmth is your main concern but a blend of warmth and added mobility.

Why You Need It: Because of the Furnace Carbon lining, which are literally carbon threads maximizing warmth and minimizing weight. Also, the colors are sick.

3. Revolution

The Revolution wetsuit series has all the high-end features and materials, but designed with simplicity and style (and stretch) in mind. It’s guaranteed to have the easiest on and off in the business while still being water tight and the quick dry, hollow yarn thermal lining keeps you warm.

Why This Wetsuit Kills It: Flexibility. The Revolution is ultra-lightweight and has minimal seams so it’s even lighter and stretchier than pretty much anything out there.

Where To Use It: Northern and Central California Spring/Summers, Southern California (all seasons), Southeast Winters and Mid Atlantic Spring/Fall

Why You Need It: Minimal seams for maximum flexibility, less weight and stretch neo tape on the seams. Japanese inspired design also guarantees that you’ll have the best looking wettie in the lineup.

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Billabong Wetsuits Since 1973

Billabong was founded on Australia’s Gold Coast in 1973 by surfer and surfboard shaper Gordon Merchant and his then partner, Rena. Those early days were rather inauspicious, with the pair designing board shorts at home, cutting them out on the kitchen table and then carting the finished product around to the local surf shop to sell.

Billabong Wetsuits – Repairs

Bodyline Wetsuits has been making and repairing wetsuits for over 30 years and is proud to be the only UK and Ireland warranty service wetsuit centre for Billabong Wetsuits.