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Wetsuit Zip Care

Chest zip or back zip? Follow our wetsuit zip care tips to extend the life and performance of your wetsuit.

Washing your wetsuit out does not just extend the life of your rubber, it also benefits your wetsuit zip. Over time salt builds up on the zip teeth and in the zip slider. If this is not addressed, then the zip will jam or break and stop the zip from working properly.

Bodyline Wetsuit Zip Care tips

Always wash your wetsuit with clean fresh water after every use. You should be doing this after every session. When washing your wetsuit out pay a little extra attention to the zip area, and if possible rinse the zip teeth and slider under a tap or hose with fresh water. Hang to dry out of direct sunlight.

On a regular basis give your zip a little extra TLC with some silicone based lubricant spray or zip specific lube. At Bodyline Wetsuits we use both types, and we recommend aquaseal zip tech lube to our customers.

If you are reading this because your zip is clogged up with salt build-up, do not try and force the slider because you are likely to break the zip! Instead wash your wetsuit zip out thoroughly.

Bodyline Wetsuits Pro Tip! – try a little Coca-Cola on the zip to corrode the salt build up. A pin can also be used to remove salt build up on the teeth and inside the zip slider, in order to get the zip to work properly.

If the zip still won’t work, it is time to seek professional help…

Wetsuit Zip Repairs & Zip Replacement

At Bodyline Wetsuits we can repair and replace zips on your surfing, sailing or swimming/triathlon wetsuit. For all zip repair and zip replacement enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us on

Phone: +44 (0) 1637 851523
Email: info@bodylinewetsuits.co.uk
Workshop address: Bodyline Wetsuits, 1 Bownder Marhaus, Newquay, TR7 1GP