Tips On How To Look After Your Swimming Wetsuit

We repair A LOT of swimming wetsuits at Bodyline, here are some simple tips on how to look after your swimming wetsuit so that it lasts longer.

Don’t Put It on in a Rush!

First things first, be careful when putting on and taking off your swimming wetsuit. If you are going to rip or split your swimming wetsuit, this is when it will happen. Take your time and remove any jewelry and your watch beforehand, as these can easily damage the neoprene.

Watch out for finger nicks! Always use the pads of your fingers to grab the suit, never your nails.

Always ask someone to do the zip up on your swimming wetsuit. Yanking the zip up by yourself is the quickest way to damage your wetsuit zip and break the teeth.

If you are putting your wetsuit on by yourself, hold the bottom of the zip carefully with one hand while pulling the slider up slowly with the other. Be sure to squeeze your shoulder blades together to reduce the size of your rib cage.

Bonus tip:

Warm up and stretch BEFORE you put on your wetsuit. This will avoid over stressing the seams and material

Wash your wetsuit properly

Never use a washing machine! Hand washing in cool fresh water is all you need to remove dirt and body oils from the neoprene. Salt water and chlorine can be really harsh on wetsuits, which is why we recommend washing your swimming wetsuit after every use.

Wetsuit smelling? Don’t use any detergents or bleach to try and clean it, as these can really damage your wetsuit. Instead we suggest using a specific wetsuit shampoo.

Drying Your Swimming Wetsuit

Hang your wetsuit to dry inside out first. Getting the inside dry first makes it easier to put on the next time you have to get into it. Instead of drying your wetsuit by the shoulders, we recommend drying it folded at the waist. This will retain the shape and prolong the wetsuit’s life.

DON’T dry it in the sun. And definitely NO DRIERS of any kind! Heat can really wreak havoc on the neoprene and make your wetsuit brittle.

Once thoroughly dry, store it in a cool, dark and dry place. To prolong the life of your wetsuit, store your wetsuit folded as shown in our previous blog post – How To Fold Your Wetsuit

If you choose to hang it up on a thick plastic or wooden hanger

Repair Any Damage Immediately!

Repair any small cuts and nicks immediately! They can (and will!) get larger over time. Neoprene glue is OK for minor repairs, but getting your swimming wetsuit repaired professional can save you money in the long term by making your wetsuit last longer (not to mention the environmental benefits!)

Bonus Tip

Never lend your wetsuit to anyone!