How to put on a zip free wetsuit starring Samuel Pupo has been made to help you find the best way to get in and out of your new Zip Free suit.

Zip Free wetsuits are the ultimate in performance. Once you go zipper-less, you’ll never look back! At Bodyline Wetsuits we are huge fans of the Zip Free Flashbomb and Ebomb Rip Curl Wetsuits. But how do you put on a zip free wetsuit properly?

How To Put On A Zip Free Wetsuit

Step 1

Get in the wetsuit as you would if there was a zip. Do not try and get into the suit via the collar!

Once on, make sure the wetsuit is pulled up sufficiently to the waist, so that the knee pads and crutch are in the right please. Never try and put a wetsuit on if the crutch is down by your knees, you will damage the wetsuit!

Step 2

First put your left arm into the sleeve and pull up all the way up your shoulder.

Step 3

Repeat with your right arm.

Step 4

Pull the overhead panel over and put your head through the collar opening. Whilst neoprene will stretch – do not be over zealous and yank the overhead panel when putting on a zip free wetsuit.

Step 5

Tighten the elastic to ensure a watertight seal. Use the locking toggle to fix the elastic in place


zip free wetsuit surfing

When taking off a zip free wetsuit, just follow all the above steps in reverse.


Rip Curl Zip Free Wetsuits

Rip Curl’s FlashBomb, E-Bomb and G-Bomb wetsuits are all available in Zip Free. Zip Free is a new ergonomic easy entry system that increases a surfer’s paddling freedom while maintaining maximum water seal.  Rip Curl have added an adjustable shock cord closure system to prevent flushing.


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