Rip Curl Wetsuit Warranty

Return Procedure

Rip Curl is committed to offering the best Service to our customers, in order to ensure that the experience you get from Rip Curl wetsuits is second to none.  We have dedicated repair centres across Europe to ensure that any issues or problems are dealt with as quickly as possible to ensure you don’t miss out on too many waves whilst your wetsuit is being repaired.

In order to ensure that the aftersales service can run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, it is really important that the below procedure and steps are followed.  This will allow our repair centre to focus on what it does best: servicing our wetsuit repairs in the quickest time and to the highest standards.

⦁ Customer (end consumer) contacts the retail outlet (Retailer) where the suit was purchased, initial assessment made by the retailer as to whether
⦁ Wetsuit is within warranty (proof of purchase required)
⦁ Damage is warranty related (i.e. suit has not just been torn on rocks, etc)
⦁ Wetsuit/s are then sent to Bodyline, but in the following condition:
⦁ Copy of proof of purchase attached to each suit
⦁ All wetsuits need to be dry and clean
⦁ All wetsuits need to be clearly labelled with the store details, warranty problem, reference (i.e. John Smith wetsuit)
⦁ On receipt of the wetsuit, Bodyline will assess and make the necessary repairs or authorise a replacement.  Their decision is final.  If any additional repairs are required outside of warranty, the retailer will be contacted by Bodyline with details and costs of additional repairs.
⦁ Wetsuit is repaired and returned to the Retailer.
⦁ Retailer returns the wetsuit to the customer.

Please note;

Any wetsuits received that don’t follow the above procedure will be charged an additional £20 per suit admin fee.

Any wetsuits received without any of the information as highlighted in point 2, will not be assessed until the relevant info has been sent.  If the required information is not sent or the information request not replied to within 2 working days, the wetsuit will be returned to the Retailer and the retailer will be charged carriage.

Any wetsuits that are received wet and/or dirty will be charged a £20 fee and not assessed until the suit is dry.
Under no circumstances should Bodyline be contacted by the Customer direct about warranty issues.  All queries from the end Customer need to be addressed by the Retailer.  No forwarding of communications from Bodyline or their contact details are permitted in relation to Warranty issues.

No wetsuits will be accepted directly from customers, all wetsuits need to be sent to Bodyline via the Retailer.
For any wetsuits received outside of the Warranty, or without Proof of Purchase, no repairs will be undertaken until the retailer agrees on the cost of the repairs that need to be made.  If no work is authorised by the Retailer within 2 working days, then the wetsuit will be returned to the retailer and charged carriage.

Any replacement suits or repairs offered to the Customer by a Retailer, without the approval of a Rip Curl representative or Bodyline, will be at the cost of the Retailer.

If the above process is followed correctly then Rip Curl and Bodyline will endeavour to have a 2 working day turnaround on repairs, from receipt of wetsuit at the workshop.