matuse wetsuits uk

Matuse wetsuits hit UK and Mainland Europe

Soon to hit the shores of the UK is the American wetsuit manufacturer Matuse. Californian wetsuit manufacture, Matuse have teamed up with UK-based Surf wholesale specialists Global Wetsuit Supplies to bring their market leading products to the UK, Ireland and strategic mainland European locations.

Established in 2005 by John B. Campbell, John V. Campbell and Matt Larson, Matuse set out to create a company dedicated to great design, provocative thinking and manufacture of premium wetsuits. Matuse spear-headed the use of limestone-based Geoprene material for their suits creating a product 30% warmer, 30% lighter and longer lasting rubber which doesn’t absorb water. On this note, Geoprene is 98.1% water impermeable compared to the standard 65.1% offered by standard oil-derived neoprene.

Matuse wetsuits offer a full range from 2mm summer wetsuits to a cosy looking hooded 5/4mm Tumo wetsuit, as well as a full range of neoprene tops,  hoods, gloves and accessories

Matuse Wetsuits UK are available now to pre-order in selected surf shops. To find out more about the Matuse philosophy and to see more of their innovative products take a look at the Matuse website.

Matuse is available in the UK, Ireland and Europe now through Global Wetsuit Supplies. Bodyline Wetsuits is the authorised UK wetsuit repair centre for Matuse Wetsuits UK.