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Bodyline Wetsuits – Every company has a story to tell, here is ours.

Land Locked

As a British surfer, the West Midlands is pretty much one of the worst places to be based. Originally from Birmingham, Bodyline Wetsuits founder Paul Chambers grew up in the late 1970s surfing the cold waters off North Wales and the North East coastline. A six hour round trip often made on a whim. Paul’s love of the sport and quest for (warmer) waves took him all over Europe. Loading up the camper van with boards, wife and dog Tigger, they’d hit the road at every given opportunity. Over the years, the beautiful Cornish coastline became their second home and relocating to Cornwall became an obvious choice, not just for the waves, but for a better quality of life for his beloved family.

Bodyline Wetsuits Gone Surfing

Paul began working alongside Many Returns’ shaper Dave Farrow in the early 80s, developing his skills in custom wetsuits manufacturing and plying his trade at a time when fluro wetsuits were all the rage. The 1980’s were an exciting time for the surf industry as money started to be injected into the sport and surfing equipment really started to evolve. By the end of the decade Paul had established himself within the British surf community, building a strong reputation through his high standard of workmanship and traditional local business values.

Bodyline Wetsuit Repairs 1980s

New premises, same high standard

Today, his hair maybe shorter and 25 years may have passed but Paul and Bodyline Wetsuits still maintains the same values and reputation. Bodyline Wetsuits prides itself on the high standards of workmanship. Our strong reputation and efficient service is renowned within the Global surfing industry and we are proud to look after the warranty repairs for some of the world’s leading wetsuit brand manufacturers.