Winter Surfing – Coldwater Survival

Winter Surfing

Winter surfing really separates the men from the boys! With a little bit of prep and forward planning, Coldwater surfing can be just as enjoyable as any other time of year.

Follow our simple tips below and get your Coldwater froth on!

– Get the right kit

It might seem obvious but investing in the right winter wetsuit and accessories is an absolute must for winter surfing. A decent 5 or 6 mm sealed and taped wetsuit, hood, boots and gloves are essential for anyone getting in the water this winter. Personally I prefer a winter wetsuit with a built in hood as it reduces flushing and provides a better seal and fit, but for versatility (or you hardy souls) you may prefer a separate neoprene hood. Just avoid the tw@t cap look!

Winter Surfing Neoprene Hood

If you are planning on getting in the water a lot this winter and can afford the dollar, investing in two winter wetsuits and accessories will make your winter sessions more enjoyable. Check out our previous post of winter wetsuits.

– Do not p@ss in your wetsuit!

Today’s winter wetsuits are well fitting and sealed to prevent flushing. Not only will you be coated in your own urine for the duration of your session, but you’ll most likely stink of p@ss for the rest of the day. If that’s your thing then fill your boots (literally), but it’ll do no favours to the neoprene or your social life.

If you do p@ss in your wetsuit, make sure you rinse your wetsuit thoroughly and use a wetsuit detergent such as p@ss off to kill the bacteria and stop your suit smelling.

– Après winter surf essentials

Too be honest, with modern wetsuit technology the actual surfing is the easy part. Getting in and out of your gear when it is single figures puts most people off surfing in winter. Here’s where you need a little forward thinking.
Always pack a couple of towels, as well as a beanie and some warm socks and gloves. If you really want to be smug or are surfing a break far from home, a Thermos flash of tea/coffee will quickly hit the spot and raise your body temperature.

– Dry your suit thoroughly

After you have washed your wetsuit out, dry it overnight indoors. Hang it up in your shower if you can. Left outside isn’t effective and no one enjoys putting a cold, damp wetsuit on.

Winter Wetsuit - Surfing In the North Pole

I hope to see you in the water this winter!