Bodyline Wetsuits Guide To Putting On & Removing A Wetsuit

It may seem obvious but putting on and taking off your wetsuit correctly can really effect the life span of your wetsuit. 99% of wetsuit damage happens whilst you are getting in or out of your wetsuit. Here’s Bodyline Wetsuits advice to make getting your wetsuit on and off easier.

Correctly Fitted Wetsuit

Correctly Fitted Wetsuit

Putting on a wetsuit

Make sure you buy a wetsuit that fits correctly. Ask the experts in your local surf shop if you are unsure and always try on a wetsuit before purchasing. A wetsuit should feel like a second skin. They should fit snuggly, but not too tight.

Starting at your feet – pull your wetsuit over your foot and ankle one leg at a time and then work it up over your thigh. Make sure the knee pads are lined up over your knees. There should not be large fabric wrinkles behind your knees or twists in the neoprene.

Then gently pull the wetsuit up and over your hips until the wetsuit is at your crotch. Make sure that the neoprene around your legs is not twisted. Now pull the suit up over your torso, making sure it fits very tightly against the skin and that there is no extra fabric left along your torso before you put the arms on. A loose or baggy wetsuit will flush with water and the wetsuit and it will not keep you warm.

Once the wetsuit is all the way up your torso, put one arm sleeve on at a time. The cuff of your wetsuit should be right above where a wristwatch would be worn. Check to make sure that there isn’t too much space between your armpit and the armpit of your wetsuit. This will restrict your arm movement and cause discomfort in your shoulders and across your back.

Pull the wetsuit up until there is a bunching of fabric at the top of the shoulders. Carefully zip up the suit, trying to avoid snags. Once fully zipped up close any of the Velcro fastenings and make sure that the neck of the wetsuit is directly against your skin as this will create a seal stopping water entering the wetsuit.

Before you go for a surf double check you have your wetsuit on properly. Perform some arm and leg movements to make sure there are no restrictions by the wetsuit. Now go get wet!

Bodyline Wetsuits top tips

Put on and take off your wetsuit on a clean surface or changing mat. Rough ground or rocks can easily damage your wetsuit and split the neoprene. An empty board bag works well for this.

Wetsuit Changing Mat

Wetsuit Changing Mat

Use only your fingers, not your fingernails, to put your wetsuit on and take it off. Be careful if you are wearing a watch or jewellery as these can tear or split wetsuit material. Ideally remove them beforehand.

Use controlled motions and avoid yanking off your wetsuit as it can easily damage the neoprene and the glued rubber seams and stitching on your suit.

If you have a wetsuit with a back zip we recommend getting someone to help zip/unzip your wetsuit. This will reduce the stress on the zip and avoid any snapping of the zip slider on your wetsuit.

Putting on Wetsuit Boots

Before putting on your wetsuit boots roll up the ankles of your wetsuit. Then put your thumbs into your boots and try and put them of as you would put in a rolled up sock. Once on, overlap your wetsuit as this will form a nice seal and allow water to flush out of the wetsuit and not into your boots.

Putting on Wetsuit Gloves

Your gloves should be the last thing you put on. It is much easier to put on everything else while you are still barehanded.

Taking Off a Wetsuit

Make sure your wetsuit is fully unzipped before trying to take off your wetsuit. If you have a hood with a hood, remove this.

Using your thumbs gently peel off the shoulders one by one. Peel the arms of your wetsuit off to your elbows one at a time. Then pull each arm down to the wrist and fully out of the sleeve making sure to leave it inside out.

Continue to peel and roll the suit down your torso. Now pull your wetsuit down to your hips and legs in one fluid motion. Gently roll the suit down off your calves, keeping it inside out.

Use your fingers or thumb on the inside of your wetsuit ankle cuff and slowly slip one foot out of the leg. Trying not to stand on your wetsuit or use your legs to yank the wetsuit off. Slowly use your fingers to slip the suit off the remaining foot.

Additional tips from Bodyline Wetsuits

Get yourself a sealed wet bag or bucket to transport your wetsuit. This will help keep your car clean and dry.

As soon as you get home rinse your wetsuit in fresh water. Check out our simple guide to wetsuit care for more information.

We hope the above advice and tips were helpful. If you would like any further advice on wetsuit care or repairs please do not hesitate to contact Bodyline Wetsuits, we will be more than happy to help.