How To Remove Wax From Your Wetsuit

remove wax from your wetsuit

Removing wax from your wetsuit couldn’t be easier. All you need is an iron and an old tea towel.

First, set the iron to a low temperature (for example – selecting the nylon setting). Important – do not use steam/steam iron and remember that rubber melts, so be careful! Then, test a small area on the inside of your wetsuit to make sure it won’t burn.

When you are happy with the iron’s temperature, grab your tea towel and lay it over the area where the wax is clogged to the neoprene. Iron over the towel and make sure to keep the iron moving to reduce chances of burning. The wax should stick to the towel. Repeat this process until all the wax is removed from your wetsuit. Simple!

Warning: wetsuits with rubber seals or liquid taping will melt under the heat. Also, don’t iron over zips or PVC knee pads because heat can damage them. Finally, remember that some chest panels have a fluffy lining which will melt under heat.


Tip courtest of Surfer Today