Wetsuit Care – 4 Simple Tips To Look After your Wetsuit

Like most of us, you probably get out the surf and chuck your wetsuit straight into the back of your car or cupboard, creased up until next time the waves are calling. Looking after your wetsuit doesn’t have to be a chore and it really will extend the lifespan of your wetsuit, as well as save you money. Just follow these simple 4 steps…

1 – Rinse

Rinse your wetsuit in fresh water as soon as possible. Salt water can cause neoprene to lose its flexibility, and a non-rinsed wetsuit smells bad.
Better still soak it in a bucket of fresh clean water for up to 15 minutes. Bodyline Wetsuit Repairs also recommends using a wetsuit detergent such a ‘Piss Off’ every once in a while to thoroughly clean your wetsuit.

Rinse A Wetsuit

Rinse A Wetsuit

2 – Hang to Dry

Use a special thick wetsuit hanger and hang your suit to dry. Do not use a plastic or thin wire hanger. These will stretch your wetsuit. Do not hang it to dry in the sun, the neoprene can crack.
Let the wetsuit dry thoroughly before storing it to keep it looking and smelling good.

Wetsuit Care - Hanging A Wetsuit Properly

Wetsuit Care – Hanging A Wetsuit Properly

3 – Store properly

Store your wetsuit flat or hung as described above. Do not fold it or shove it in a drawer. The wetsuit neoprene will crease and lose some of its insulating effectiveness.

4 – Inspect for damage

Before you store your wetsuit, check for any rips or tears in the neoprene or seams. It’s easy to get them fixed when they are small, before they turn into a major problem. Wetsuit Repair – Prevention is better than cure!
With over 25 years’ experience, Bodyline Wetsuit Repairs offers a full range of repair services. Our repair work is fast and cost effective and all workmanship is fully covered by warranty.