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DIY Triathlon Wetsuit Repair Using Black Witch Glue

Transition one is all about getting out of your triathlon wetsuit as quickly as possible. And it doesn’t take much to put a finger nick or tear into the fragile single lined neoprene of your wetsuit.

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Using Black Witch neoprene glue for a minor DIY triathlon wetsuit repair is a great solution for any fingernail nicks you may get in your wetsuit.

Important note on undertaking a DIY triathlon wetsuit repair: Repairs carried out by any party other than an authorised repair centre may invalidate your warranty. Always refer to the brand and/or retailer before you undertake any repair.

Whilst using Black Witch neoprene glue is ideal for any minor triathlon wetsuit repair jobs, more serious damage should be carried out by a specialist wetsuit repair company, such as Bodyline Wetsuits.

Top Tips: DIY Triathlon Wetsuit Repair Using Black Witch Neoprene Glue

1. Make sure your triathlon wetsuit is clean and dry before you begin. Black Witch neoprene glue will not fully bond if the neoprene is damp.

2. Less is always more! When Black Witch dries, it goes hard. Using too much will make the material stiff (and a triathlon wetsuit caked in hard neoprene glue looks terrible!)

Instead, use a small blunt stick and apply a small amount of Black Witch from the tube directly onto the stick. Use the stick to apply a thin layer to both sides of the fingernail nick. Allow 5-8 minutes for the Black Witch neoprene glue to completely dry.

Using Black Witch Neoprene Glue small hole wetsuit repair







3. Repeat by reapplying a second layer of Black Witch neoprene glue to the damaged area. Allow to dry until the glue is slightly ‘tacky’. Then, using even pressure, stick both sides of the damaged area back together so that it is completely flat and even.

4. Leave to bond for up to 30 minutes. Do not use the triathlon wetsuit for at least 6 hours.

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