Hanging Up A Wetsuit

Hanging Up A Wetsuit

As wetsuit technology advances, material are increasing in stretch and flexibility. While this is great for your surfing, it does mean that wetsuits might not last as long (those stiff cardboard like wetsuits from the 80’s lasted so long for a reason!), especially if you do not look after your wetsuit properly.

Hanging a wet, super stretchy wetsuit or thicker and heavier winter wetsuit using a thin or wire hanger will ruin the neoprene on the shoulders and pull our wetsuit out of shape in no time!

Hanging Up A Wetsuit Properly

In order to prolong the life of your wetsuit, it is best to hang your wetsuit by folding it in half at the waist over a thick hanger, instead of hanging it by the shoulders. At Bodyline Wetsuits we recommend (and use) the purposely designed Dritek wetsuit hanger to hang your wetsuit. But if you don’t have one, you can always improvise. Use some padding (such as pipe insulation foam) on a sturdy garment hanger, then fold your wetsuit over this.

This is the best method for hanging up a wetsuit. Not only will you benefit from your wetsuit drying quicker, but it puts less stress on the neoprene and seams around the shoulders.

Thinning of the neoprene around the shoulders is fairly common, due to the paddling motion (especially if you have particularly bony shoulders), so hanging a heavy wetsuit on those already stressed seams is only just asking for trouble.

Alternative To Hanging Up A Wetsuit

If you would prefer to fold your wetsuit or will not be using your wetsuit for some time, check out our wetsuit care article on how to fold your wetsuit.

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