dry your wetsuit fast

Dry Your Wetsuit Fast

During Winter or in cold conditions, drying your wetsuit will take longer especially outside or in a garage, meaning it may not be totally dry by the morning. No one likes putting on a wet wetsuit, especially in winter. True story!

To dry your wetsuit quickly follow these easy steps;

Dry Your Wetsuit Fast: The Standard Approach

1. Hang your suit

After every surf you should be rinsing your wetsuit properly (to find out more on the reasons why check out our wetsuit care tips). After rinsing, hang your wetsuit inside out on a thick hanger somewhere out of the sun.

2. Squeeze

To speed up the drying process, after 15 minutes squeeze your wetsuit towards the cuffs and ankles. This will force out excess water. Repeat this again in another 15 minutes.

3. Leave To Hang Overnight

Leave your wetsuit to hang overnight in your garage or shower to completely dry your wetsuit out.

Dry Your Wetsuit Fast: The Speed Approach

If you are planning on going back in the water and you know your wetsuit won’t be dry in time, then use the ‘speed approach’ to drying your wetsuit. First you’ll need a towel, the bigger the better.

1. Spread the towel out flat on the ground.

2. Lay your wetsuit on the towel, folding over any excess edges of the towel on the top of the wetsuit.

3. ROLL! Just like rolling up a beach mat or sleeping bag, roll the towel/wetsuit nice and tightly. Apply pressure as you go to squeeze out the water from your wetsuit onto the towel. The majority of water we have been squeezed out of your wetsuit.

4. Hang and leave to dry.

Please Note:

Be careful when using the ‘speed approach’. It is easy to damage your wetsuit if you are not careful. Bodyline Wetsuit Repairs does not recommend using this method often.

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