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Bodyline Wetsuit Repairs launches the Wetsuit MOT

It’s been there with you through the good times and bad. It’s held you close and kept you warm for hours on end. And how do you repay your beloved wetsuit? You may occasionally p@ss in it and routinely screw it up and chuck in the boot of your car, where it’s often left for days on end, developing a smell worse than a wet dog. Give your wetsuit a new lease of life, extending its life span and save money at the same time with the Bodyline Wetsuit Repairs ‘Wetsuit MOT’.

Wetsuit MOT by Bodyline Wetsuit Repairs

Transform your wetsuit into a fresh smelling, fully functional bit of kit with our £10 Wetsuit MOT.

You’ll get your wetsuit:

• Fully washed, cleaned and disinfected with Rip Curl ‘Piss Off’ to rid it of harmful properties that deteriorate the neoprene and have it smelling fresh as the day you brought it

• Bodyline Wetsuit Repairs will completely check all stitching, taped seams and panels for wear and tear

• We’ll perform minor wetsuit repairs AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!

• We’ll treat your zip so it’s functioning as it should and clear any residue or build up

• On return you will get a full run down of any major repair work needed AND we will give you £5 off any future repair work you have done with us

Now is a great time to book your Wetsuit MOT. Maybe your summer suit needs a little TLC or you’ve just dug out your winter suit after months of storage. Just drop your wetsuit into our factory in Newquay or contact Bodyline Wetsuit Repairs on

+44 (0) 1637 877277


Pricing for trade/club/bulk wetsuit MOTs available.