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Wetsuit Alterations

We touched upon how important a correctly fitting wetsuit is when buying a new wetsuit. If you brought the right wetsuit but your body has now changed, maybe you gained or lost weight, don’t worry you don’t need to go and buy a completely new wetsuit again.

Modern wetsuit technology means that wetsuits have greater stretch and flex, so any small increases in body size will naturally be within the materials stretch capabilities. If your wetsuit has become too loose or too tight in key areas (i.e. neck, cuffs, shoulders and back) the neoprene panels can easily be altered, meaning you don’t have to fork out for a completely new suit.

Wetsuit Alterations

In addition to wetsuit repairs, Bodyline can replace neoprene panels on your wetsuit to increase the size or alter the suit’s sizing to provide a tighter fit. Generally, making a suit smaller is less expensive than making it larger, because we don’t have to add more material. Either way wetsuit alternations are cheaper than buying a completely new wetsuit.

wetsuit alterations

Between Sizes?

If you are considering buying a new off-the-peg wetsuit and you are between sizes, alternations can be made to new suits to provide the perfect fit. Choose the wetsuit that has the best fit through the torso length. It can be taken in or let out in width, which requires a lot less time (and therefore costs less) than to remove the zip to change the torso length. The alternative would be a custom made-to-measure wetsuit designed to your exact measurements and requirements.

Wetsuit Alterations by Bodyline Wetsuits

To discuss the full range of options available or to get a quote for wetsuit alterations contact Bodyline Wetsuit repairs on (+44) 01637 877277 info@bodylinewetsuits.co.uk or drop by the factory with your wetsuit. We’ll be more than happy to help!